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Dr. O'bleness
Health Mastery Series: Creating Balance in Your Health

Sunday, June 20th @ 11 a.m.

In our modern world, we are constantly hit with physical, emotional, chemical, and mental stressors. And, even though we try to practice all the self-care things — journal, meditate, exercise, take baths — we can still find ourselves dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, or an inability to act as resiliently as we’d like.


Sadly, many of us were not taught the popper tools for processing and integrating these stressful experiences in a healthy way. The answer you’re looking for may not lie solely in the way you're thinking or your mind, but in your nervous system. So, what now?


Dr. Kevin Miller and Dr. Drew O’Bleness, E.P. True Chiropractic, bring to light the little-known secrets to turn on our body’s innate ability to function, heal and combat the impacts of stress at optimum levels by invoking the parasympathetic nervous system response - the calming “rest and digest” function of our nervous system vs. the “fight or flight” or sympathetic nervous system. Bringing more parasympathetic nervous system action online helps to balance out toxic stress caused by sympathetic nervous system overdrive. The result:


  • stronger immune function

  • better sleep

  • hormone balance

  • greater balance of functional movement patters

  • and more


The human body is naturally made to heal itself. By allowing our systems to work with optimal functionality, we put the natural healing process back in control of our lives.


During times of doubt and dismay, we have to decide where our principles lie. Now, more than ever, is the time to prioritize the value of our physical and emotional health, strengthening our bodies from the inside out. 

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