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Horizon Events Center
June 19 - 20, 2021
2 days of fun, engaging activities!

Dynamic Speakers, Group Fitness, Local Vendors,
Workshops, Challenges, & More!


Realize your potential and get the tools keep you on the path to reach it

at the Des Moines Health & Fitness Expo! 

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Chattering teeth. Goosebumps. Chills. Sound appealing?

Think you can stay in the ice bath for 3 minutes?

Win a Prize Package if so!

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Got What It Takes?

Featured Speakers

Dr. Miller

For almost 20 years Dr Miller has focused on providing a family-centered healing culture. He strives to teach natural healing principles, allowing the body to heal itself from the inside out.

Dr. Miller is going to share some MUST KNOW information on how to balance out toxic stress to get real results like;

  • stronger immune function

  • better sleep

  • hormone balance

  • greater balance of functional movement patterns


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Sonya Swan.jpg

Sonya Swan

Sonya Swan is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Life Enthusiast, Homeschooling Mom, founder of Iowans for Informed Consent and was a Candidate for the Iowa State House in 2020. 


Sonya will be sharing information on maintaining our medical freedoms. Her talk will include information about bills that were passed this year and where we go from here to maintain our medical freedoms. She'll also let you know how to get plugged in so that you can help make a difference and have your voice heard!

Dr. O'bleness

Dr. Drew O’Bleness, E.P. True Chiropractic, strives to teach natural healing principles, which allows the body to heal itself from the inside out with no drugs or surgery.

Dr. O’Bleness will bring to light the little-known secrets to turn on our body’s innate ability to function, heal and combat the impacts of stress at optimal levels... READ MORE

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John Martin Sr.jpg

John Martin Sr.

John Martin Sr, was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. John comes from a troubled past. He has overcome several tough obstacles throughout the years. For the past 21 years, John has been a full-time father and during this time has turned into a serial entrepreneur with several successful business ventures.

John studied psychology at the University of Upper Iowa and is the creator of “Rodney the Ordinary Kid” book series, which teaches children to create a magical self-esteem from within. His book series titled 8 Conversations to Have is an accumulation of books that target having crucial and necessary dialogue to have healthier relationships with the people you love.

John is a down to earth man who has a passion for creating opportunities with others and taking care of his family. He has a love for helping kids feel better about themselves and giving back to his community.

Oliver Bardwell

Oliver Bardwell is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Life Coach and Best Selling Author of, “THE WAY: A Small Book of Wisdom”.  He has been studying and practicing Kriya Yoga, meditation, and the Chinese martial arts for decades, and has spent a lifetime learning about religion and spirituality. Growing up with an amazing mother, who was not only a devout Christian but also a locally renowned and gifted psychic, Oliver learned to view life as a mystical journey. As we listen to him speak and read his writing and poetry, this becomes apparent, and a world of magic and spirit begins to open up to us.

Oliver will be introducing us to The Art of Mindful Living and sharing insight on how mindfulness and meditation can benefit us, physically, emotionally and spiritually as well. This will be Saturday at 12pm Noon.

Join him on Saturday at 1:00pm for his Breakout Session called Connected: The 3 keys to manifesting your dreams. Bring a notebook, you will not only be learning about how to get beyond your life’s roles in this session but will also be leaving with concrete daily practices that will allow you to manifest the life that you want.  
Sunday he will be providing a free Guided Meditation at 10:00am


Book Information

THE WAY: A Small Book of Wisdom

“Inspiring, soothing, and uplifting. This is one gem of a book.”

-Tracy Garvis Graves 

    New York Times bestselling 

     author of On the Island 


The Way, a small book of wisdom, is an inspired spiritual work. It's about love, kindness, compassion and discovering your true nature.

It’s a book that you will want to keep at your bedside table. Within its pages lie the distilled and timeless wisdom of the masters. Combining sage like verses with inspiring and heartfelt poetry, the author speaks directly to the spirit. The Way, a small book of wisdom, is a book that can be read over and over, with each reading revealing something new and inspiring. 


Amazon Link:

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Interested in becoming an exhibitor?

CLICK HERE to request an sponsor/exhibitor packet

Hey Des Moines! Explore more local vendors with the latest in running, biking, athletic wear, healthy food, supplements, nutrition info, fitness gear, trainings, health services, and more! 


Get educated by some of the top health and nutrition experts in the Des Moines Area in our seminars and breakout sessions.


Plenty of fun & free stuff to go along with the education and other training .
Bring friends & family!

The expo is open to the public!

- Guided Workout Sessions

- Nutritional Education


- Kids Activities Area

- Martial Arts Demonstrations

- Tricycle Races

- Giveaways & Contests

- Eating Plans & Diet Education

- Ice Bath Challenge

- Featured Speakers

& More!

Kick start your business growth for 2020 with a unique opportunity to engage with new customers and reach an audience of active, health-oriented consumers!


 Studies have shown that when consumers can touch, taste, see, feel & try your product or service, they'll become a customer for life. 


The Health & Fitness Expo is a high energy event! Keep in mind that the Expo atmosphere includes music, classes, speakers, and more running simultaneously. and you will see active, spirited attendees!

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Des Moines Iowa Health and Fitness Expo.
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