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Horizon Events Center
June 19 - 20, 2021
Available Starting February 1st, 2021

Dynamic Speakers, Cooking Demos, 100+ Vendors,
Workshops, Challenges, Group Fitness, Contests & More!


Realize your potential and get the tools keep you on the path to reach it

@ the Health & Fitness Expo! 

2 days of fun, engaging activities!
New Year.
       New You!
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Chattering teeth. Goosebumps. Chills. Sound appealing?

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Featured Speakers

TJ Anderson

TJ Anderson is a Behavior Change Specialist, Bestselling Author & Health Hacking Coach for High Performing Men. His recent book, The Art of Health Hacking, has been called “One of the best modern-day health guides” by Dr. Katherine Zagone. 

Having an extensive background in the worlds of health coaching, behavior change science, and self-experimentation, TJ specializes in activating empowered, next level health hacker habits for entrepreneurs, executives, and athletes worldwide. 

He is also a speaker and has led workshops for several organizations, including Google, Deloitte, ACT, Mercy, and Healthy for Life, to name a few.

Jeff Hoyt  FDN-P

Jeff Hoyt is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner specializing in the field of nutraceuticals and advanced wellness technology.

Jeff is the President of Glycolife Sciences, Co-Owner of the ReCharge Clinic, and future Best Selling Author of the book he is currently working on entitled, “Drained”.

Jeff's goal is to help people live healthier and happier lives by making available advanced wellness solutions to meet the need for their health. He believes in challenging the status quo and doing things differently, resulting in effective and efficient solutions for advanced health challenges.

Dr. Chris LoRang

Founder, Building Your Baby From The Ground Up

SEMINAR: Building Your Baby From The Ground Up: In Defense of Free-Range & Baby-Led Movement

Dr. Chris LoRang is a rehabilitative chiropractic physician, health lecturer, and wellness clinic director with a passion for uncovering the root cause of people’s symptoms. He believes that every person deserves the chance to pursue their best lives through movement, whole food nutrition, and holistic living strategies.

The mission of Building Your Baby is to empower parents, caretakers, daycare providers, and clinicians with actionable steps for helping infants around the world to move and develop naturally.

Available Starting July 1st, 2020

Hey Des Moines! Explore more than 100 vendors with the latest in running, biking, athletic wear, healthly food, supplements, nutrition info, fitness gear, trainings, health services, fitness softwares, and tons more! 


Get educated by some of the top health and nutrition experts in the Des Moines Area in our seminars and breakout sessions.


Plenty of fun & free stuff to go along with the education and other training .
Bring friends & family! The expo is open to the public!

- Group yoga in the Morning

- Guided Workout Sessions

- Cooking Demonstrations

- Nutritional Education


- Pickleball

- Kids Activities Area

- Martial Arts Demonstrations

- Tricycle Races

- Giveaways & Contests

- Eating Plans & Diet Education

- Bodybuilding Experts

Kick start your business growth for 2020 with a unique opportunity to engage with new customers and reach an audience of active, health-oriented consumers!


 Studies have shown that when consumers can touch, taste, see, feel & try your product or service, they'll become a customer for life. 


The Health & Fitness Expo is a high energy event! Keep in mind that the Expo atmosphere includes music, classes, speakers, and more running simultaneously. and you will see active, spirited attendees!

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